Directory Opus 12.20.2 With Crack Full Version Free Download

Directory Opus 12.20.2 With Crack Full Version Free Download

Directory Opus 12.20.2 includes a tree structure and two screens, so you can easily navigate your computer. So you can cut and copy (for example, file names, full path names, URLs, and MD5 checksums), paste files, change display mode, calculate folder size, and specify files (for example, the same extensions, from source to destination). But you can also use the search function, set keyboard shortcuts, sync data, find duplicate files, join or split files, convert and rotate them, as well as create thumbnails or a slide show of pictures. Additionally, you can connect to a network drive, run a command prompt, open a new menu, edit metadata, define labels, enter file descriptions, and create and organize a favorites list and notebook. You are addressing, connecting to FTP, creating archives and extracting content from zip files, viewing FTP records, as well as saving and restoring Directory Opus 12.20.2 Key configuration. Also, you can fully configure program preferences for setting file display, file operations, folder tabs, folder tree, internet, program operation, layout, styles, photo sharing, toolbars, viewer, ZIP, other archives, and more.

Directory Opus 12.20.2 With Crack Full Version Free Download

Directory Opus 12.20.2 With Crack Full Version Free Download

Directory Opus is a moderate platform unusual by the developers taking into account all the primary needs of the objects used to manage file directory problems, registry problems. Duplicate file detection, archive file management, image, and music file display, document management, and many other files supported for more than 300 records, includingIt has an intuitive interface with a modern interface and an automated engine with performance improvements with Directory Opus 12.20.2 Crack. It is the music engine for the Directory Opus Code Register Code. This software engine supports all format files, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, 3D, 2D, 2D and 2D files, images, CAD files, animation files, MP3, MPG, HD, 3D, and 4K files as well as Ultra-HD files.  It can allocate as much or less than necessary. Quickly include links to your favorite folders and readers as well as other destinations. Use Opus to manage your creations, slots, and extracted archives. It also allows you to use FTP sites as if they were regional for your computer—even copies from one server to another. Directory Opus is already a file manager that intends to replace Windows Explorer. The computer program interface includes a tree structure and can be dual screens so that you can easily navigate your computer. It is possible to crop content (Age.g. filenames, full path names, URL, MD5 checksum) and paste files, change display mode, calculate folder size, and specify data (for example, the same extensions, provided to destination).

Directory Opus 12.20.2 Download

  • Directory Opus 12.20.2 Keygen provides a comprehensive file manager and alternative explorer for Windows with much more power and functionality than any other file manager available today. It is effortless to use, more features, more compatibility, more efficient, and can, of course, be configured (almost all functions can set easily). It supports multiple functions, FTP management, archive management, image and sound management, and editing functions. Directory Opus license comes with a long list of significant new features. The new Macro Recorder allows you to quickly and easily rename command files, and the new image-tagging system helps you locate multiple images in a folder to print or share or whatever you want to do with them. It includes a unique ability to define custom tab colors for specific folders, script improvements, new support for HD systems, etc.


  • One part tree or Part file and folder tree
  • The tabbed interface allows you to keep multiple folders open and quickly switch between them.
  • Single Explorer replacement mode provides a complete alternative to Windows Explorer.
  • Quickly filter, sort, group, and search files.
  • Color your files and set status codes, stars, tags, and descriptions.
  • View photos, documents, and more Photo tagging allow you to sort your photos quickly and easily.
  • Rename the group, including easy-to-use keyboard macros.
  • View and edit file metadata.
  • Support for FTP and archive formats like zipping, 7zip, and RAR
  • Built-in tools, including sync and find duplicate files.
  • Calculate folder sizes and print or export folder lists.
  • Queue multiple copies of files for better performance.
  • Fully configurable user interface
  • Colors, fonts, toolbars, keyboard shortcuts, and the full scripting interface let you customize Opus according to your exact needs.
  • Modern, efficient, and multi-wire design

What’s new?

  • Improved file and folder labels
  • Improved scripting capabilities
  • New file and folder name filters
  • New labeling and tagging system
  • New Macro Recorder (Automation)
  • Further support for HD screens

Directory Opus 12.20.2 With Crack Full Version Free Download

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